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Bogg bags – Perfect for the Beach


I had to do a quick little write up here.  From a personal, many of my customers know that diving is my out of work passion.  I watch and wait and watch and wait till the water warms up here in Florida and the swell and wave conditions reach that perfect trifecta for shore diving.  Don’t get me wrong, boat diving is awesome too, but we just don’t always get that much time off.  Vero Beach all the way down too Miami has one of the largest coral reef systems in the World and most of it is close enough to shore dive.  For my non dive customers, this means, close enough to walk in with the tank on your back and submerge into the wild blue yonder.

This week, I got an opportunity to do two days of shore diving, Monday & Tuesday.  One off RioMar in Vero Beach and one off Pepper Park in Fort Pierce.  With shore diving, you have to think about the gear and what to do with it.  Rio Mar was straight forward, chuck it in the back of the jeep.  Pepper Park bit more challenging, no showers where we parked and we wanted to sit on the beach.  We stripped down and chucked the wetsuits and wet stuff in the BOGG BAG and chilled on the beach for a few hours.  The BOGG BAG floats so you can take it in the water and rinse gear.  It has about 4″ on bottom where there are no holes.  This was nice after when we found the showers to use as a dunk tank for camera and gear in freshwater.  I have to tell you, this is my last Beach bag I will be buying!

We are getting low in our store for these but I have another huge shipment arriving Friday or Monday.  Customers are buying one and coming back and buying multiples for friends as gifts.  Only $59.95, it is the perfect price range for a unique hostess gift in this area.  Don’t miss out on these!  I am telling you, for the little space they take up in the car, you can get so much in it.  For wet gear, 2 wet suits, 3mil, 2 pairs of fins, 2 snorkels, 2 masks, gloves, hoodie, camera, lights and still had room for the empty garbage from the beach.  It was light carrying back up and it cleaned up in no time.  Rich chose a red BOGG BAG to match the jeep and it is permanently in the bag of the jeep for stowing stuff so it does not slide around.  Even Lily Winnail from Hunger Games has her trendy Tangerine Tango one! For you golfers out there the BOGG BAG has also been seen on the PGA tour.  I even had one lady that bought two bright colors to use as Easter baskets for her college gals!  She said they could use it for laundry after.  How unique!

This week’s coupon for Scentsations


Ok, as we move forward with looking for new locations, as many of you know, Scentsations is stepping into the current times and adding an online store and this daily blog to make it easier for our customers to connect with us.  Yesterday, we sent out first email that incorporated both stores and introduced a pain free way to stay informed about specials and coupons.  Hopefully this will ease the pain for our Merritt Island customers and help them get their scent fix as needed.  For this week, this is the link to get that coupon and print it or find the code to write down.

These are in store ONLY specials and discounts.

This Week’s Coupon. 

We have begun Spring Cleaning.  All candle accessories are 50% off.  That makes electric tart burners just $12.50!

We also have all Jim Shore, Charming Tails, Kitchen Fairies, and Willow Tree at 50% off.

For the website, we have all cinda b Bella Taylor, Bogg bags, Tilley Hats, Root Candle jars and votives plus select jewelry and scarves online.  This week I will be expanding and finishing Root Candle plus adding Kringle Candle and Lampe Berger.  Towards the end of I will be adding more new jewelry and fashionable scarves.

As many of my customers will share with you, the accessories we carry are the nicest quality, value priced and unique.

Cinda B has arrived!


Cinda B Casablanca Sky Blue

Scentsations in Indian River Mall, is the exclusive cinda b retailer in Vero Beach, Florida.

cinda b handbags, totes, travel bags, baby bags and accessories are all custom-designed using the latest durable, poly/nylon fabrics and fashion-forward color schemes, patterns and silhouettes. With active lifestyles in mind, cinda b bags are practical and versatile, yet classy and chic. Each cinda b is personally designed by Cinda Boomershine herself, with the latest trends in style, color and you in mind.

Each and every one of cinda b bags is:

  • water-resistant
  • stain-resistant
  • machine washable
  • made right here in the U.S.A.
  • made with the latest, fashion-forward poly/nylon fabrics
  • extremely durable, yet surprisingly lightweight
  • available in more than 50 different styles of handbags, totes, travel bags, tech accessories, sports bags and accessories, baby bags and personal accessories
  • accessorized with plenty of pockets, compartments, clasps, zippers, snaps and straps — making them
    unique, functional and fun

Unlike other handbag lines like Vera Bradley, this one is made in America.


I just got word after posting this that the new JET SET BLACK arrived today!

Stop by today to see all of the fabulous fabrics and styles we have.  You may also visit us online at Scentsations-online.com to purchase any handbag and have it delivered right to your house or you may note in store pickup!