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30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 24) Scarf Coverup


It is now day 24 on our trip around the month of March and all the scarf tying possibilities you have for that perfect scarf you adore. I hope along the way, you have found some unusual, fun and creative ways to add a scarf into your daily look.  I will keep you all posted but it looks like I may be doing some local editorial writing on fabulous, fun fashion tips to recreate a new look out of accessories.  The reason why I think scarves have such a broad appeal, is that there is a scarf for everyone!  I mean it, scarves come in so many shapes, sizes, weights and textures that people across the world can find a scarf look that will work for their own individual climate.  While heavy knits are not my personal favorite, those new York gals, can adapt these styles of wearing a scarf and create warmth layers.

I showed hubby Rich a few moves earlier today so he could share with our lady customers walking into our store Scentsations.  He said oh yeah that is a football one and oh that we used to do as well for football games.  For those of you not aware of Rich from my dive blog Danielle’s Dives, he is from Wales, UK and football means soccer.  I laughed that he knows a few scarf moves!  He was talking about the European loop and the Parisian scarf. 

This simple step by step way to tie your scarf works best with a wide belt and awdie scarf.  I personally like a printed scarf to contrast against the solid halter top or tank underneath.  It is the perfect coverup for a sheer top and it is also a sophisticated way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans and white classic t shirt or black halter tank.  Toss on a pair of strappy wide wood heels and you are super sexy!

Step one:  Grab a long, rectangular, wide scarf and wide belt.

Step two:  Wrap your scarf around your neck and with a with a wide belt, hold your scarf as wide as it goes in place across that halter tank.    If you feel that the scarf is too wide, double it up.

That’s it!  But take a look at the dramatic, sophisticated scarf look it creates.  Sexy and sassy! Plus you get to pull out two accessories…a scarf and a belt!  PLUS PLUS!

Till tomorrow, my fashionista friends!  I am heading back to the store to see if the new scarves arrived today.


30 days…30+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 17) Bag it Baby!


I love keeping a scarf handy in my bag or glove compartment of the car.  It is the perfect go-to for a bad hair day or to spice up any morning faux pas!  It’s also great as a shawl in those highly air conditioned buildings in the summer, like the movies!  One of my ABFAB things to do is grab a colorful scarf on my way out the door and wear it a million different ways throughout the day.  Keep them guessing, your mood changes…your look changes.  A scarf lets me reinvent my look nearly every hour if I want! So fun….

Anyway, on with the day’s fashionista tip.

Bag it Baby!

Ever find yourself without that perfect handbag to accessorize with?  Make your own scarf handbag and add a splash of color to jeans and a t shirt or impress the gal pal friends with that vintage scarf that has been sitting in your drawer waiting for the perfect moment.  Hermes would look stunning or a imagine a bold leopard print.

This one is another incredible easy way to dress up or accessorize a weekend outfit.

Step 1:  Grab your keys, change purse and wallet.

Step 2:  Grab your favorite square scarf, toss the necessities in then tie the two opposing ends together.

Step 3:  Next, tie the other two loose ends together, overlapping the first tied knot and securing it higher,

Step 4:  Slip your arm through the loop.

I found this awesome video from The Purse Project.

Now you are ready to stroll out in scarfinsta style.

Sassy, fun and easy to stay in style with the current color palette.

30 days…30 ways to tie a scarf ( Day 15) Chain of Knots


Well we are 1/2 way through our journey this month on learning fashionable, fun and easy new ways to wear a scarf.  When I came up with the scarf instructional concept, I had no idea it would be so difficult to choose which ones I wanted to feature.  Fun way to accessorize a boring outfit.

For today, I have chosen the chain of knots scarf.  I did so because this one looks a lot more elegant than the time required to pull it off.  Took me about 1  1/2 minutes to do it with one of my longer scarves and the outcome made me look like a million bucks.  I even had a customer at Scentsations in Vero Beach, Florida comment on my pretty scarf.  Of course I undid it and showed her quickly how to reknot for the end result.

Ok, ready…

Step 1:  First put the scarf around the back of your neck so both sides hang down in front.  One on each side.

Step 2 :  Tie the ends together, making multiple, parallel knots partway down the length of the scarf.  I pull the knot through  the back.

Step 3:  This will create a pattern. Tie as many knots as you’d like.  I like 4-6 in a longer scarf while 3 knots will do it in a shorted one.  Adjust the knots to get desired space between knots.

I wore a classic dress the other day.  No buttons just fit tight along the bodice and flared at the bottom for a comfortable, natural look.  Adding the chain of knots really gave the dress a boost of color.

This week’s coupon for Scentsations


Ok, as we move forward with looking for new locations, as many of you know, Scentsations is stepping into the current times and adding an online store and this daily blog to make it easier for our customers to connect with us.  Yesterday, we sent out first email that incorporated both stores and introduced a pain free way to stay informed about specials and coupons.  Hopefully this will ease the pain for our Merritt Island customers and help them get their scent fix as needed.  For this week, this is the link to get that coupon and print it or find the code to write down.

These are in store ONLY specials and discounts.

This Week’s Coupon. 

We have begun Spring Cleaning.  All candle accessories are 50% off.  That makes electric tart burners just $12.50!

We also have all Jim Shore, Charming Tails, Kitchen Fairies, and Willow Tree at 50% off.

For the website, we have all cinda b Bella Taylor, Bogg bags, Tilley Hats, Root Candle jars and votives plus select jewelry and scarves online.  This week I will be expanding and finishing Root Candle plus adding Kringle Candle and Lampe Berger.  Towards the end of I will be adding more new jewelry and fashionable scarves.

As many of my customers will share with you, the accessories we carry are the nicest quality, value priced and unique.

30 days…30 ways to tie a scarf (Day 14) Rosetta flower


Tying scarves in not always about using the scarf and wrapping it around something.  Sometimes you can use a square silk scarf of other square scarves to create decorative and fashionable embellishments onto hats, waists, another scarf or even a shirt collar. The rosetta flower is perfect for this!  There is a video I found online after step by step directions as it is hard to visualize this one.

Step 1:  Take a square scarf and tie the opposite of two corners together. 

Step 2:  Create a triangle shape, like a sling.

Step 3:  Put the tied ends in the crease your arm, like a sling.

Step 4:  Use the same arm that is holding the sling to hold the tip(points) of the scarf’s triangle.

Step 5:  Reach though the hole with your other hand and as you grasp the tip of the end of the outside layer of the scarf and start pulling it through.

Step 6:  Continue to pull the tips of the scarf apart. 

How to tie a rosetta scarf flower

Now you have a gorgeous rosetta to accent any hat, other scarf, or even your waist. You could also use this to create a vintage inspired headwrap.  I have seen many of my younger college and high school customers create and rock a hippie chick vibe by doing this to scarves.  They wear across their foreheads with the flower in the front of slighly off to one side and tie underneath hair, flipping hair over the tie at the back.

Be creative.  Try using a sparkly brooch or delicate pin in middle to fashionable enhance any business suit.

4 Basic classic scarf folds


I decided to feature these four separate, basic folds, not as part of my 35 but as a building block for other styles of scarfs.

Band Fold

No steps really needed here.

Lay your scarf out and fold it lengthwise into a band of your desired width.

Straight Fold

1.    Lay the scarf on a flat surface, the wrong side facing up.

2.    Get one edge and fold it towards the center.

3.    Get the other edge, and meet it to the center with the folded edge

4.    Roll the scarf on your desired width.

Bias Band Fold

1.    Lay the scarf on a flat surface, the wrong side facing up.

2.    Get one pointed edge and fold it towards the center.

3.    Get the opposite pointed edge and meet it to the center with the folded pointed edge.

4.    Continue folding the folded edges until you reach the desired width.




Triangle fold

1.    Lay the scarf on a flat surface, the wrong side facing up.

2.    Fold the scarf diagonally to make a triangle.

3.    Then get the pointed edge and fold it.

4.    Roll it towards the end.

30 days…35 ways to wear a scarf (Day 8) Classic Bow tie


What is it with some of the classic men’s fashion things we just have to steal from them? 

Take the classic bow tie, like the ascot it is showing up all over the fashion runways!  Is it the classic timelessness of it, the simplicity or our desire to look like we are in charge?  I think that perhaps it is a combination of all three plus it works well with most size scarves, textures and fabrics.  I found that silk, polyester, cotton or a mix of these works best.

Bow ties originated in the 17th century and were worn as a simple scarf around the neck of Croatian mercenaries to hold the opening of their shirts together.  The upper class French, who was an enormous leader in fashion then (as they are now) adopted the look which thrived in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The bow tie has been associated with particular professions and occasions.  Pediatricians wear them because wee ones can’t easily grab, with accountants, professors, teachers and waiters also wear.   It is classic in a movie to “Geek” up an actor by adding the bow tie.  Bow ties are seen at weddings as a sign of formality and oversized, loud, vibrant bow ties are also used for comic relief on a clown.

With that said, for women, the bow tie seemed to take over in the 1980’s in the working gals wardrobe.  For me as I recall, it was an easy way to look serious but add a little fun to the boring uniform white shirt.

From necks, to platform shoes, to the waist, to Rihanna’s sexy hair bow and yes…in Lady Gaga’s case even her hair, there is a modern bow tie revolution going on and every gal should know how to incorporate it into an outfit.

Below you will find step by step directions with a great illustration.  Try this one out to add some color before you head off to work.  I am sure that feminine bit of color will get you noticed in and out of the boardroom.  The bow tie scarf is also an incredible way to glamorize any handbag or overnight travel bag.

Bow Tie – This technique works fabulous to brighten up any boring black, blue or gray business suit.

Step 1:    Do the bias band or triangle fold.

Click here for the four simple, basic scarf folding tips if you are unsure of how to do either the bias or triangle fold.  Many of the more intricate ties are built around these three methods.

Step 2:   Drape the scarf around your neck. Make one end hanging two inches longer than the other.

Step 3:  Cross the longer end over the other. Pull the longer end up to make a knot.

Step 4:  Double wrap the shorter end by itself to form a base loop in front.

Step 5:  Loop the longer end over the center loop you made.

Step 6:  Double wrap the longer end by itself and insert it on the loop behind your bow tie.

Step 7:  Adjust the tie by pulling the ends to straighten the knot.