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Gypsy Rose Diva of the Day!


As I get pictures for our in store Gypsy Rose Wrap contest, I am picking a Diva of the day!  Let me say that all our gals, young and old are Diva’s in their own rights.

Today I got a picture from proud Mom Katie.  Check out this little princess in her super cute headband!  Watch out guys, she is gonna be a handful when she gets older!

Gypsy Rose Diva of the Day!


Gypsy Rose Wraps Photo contest


Yesterday I was talking with Gypsy Rose Wraps and I told her we were gonna do a photo contest in store and give away one of the rose wraps. So, my customers can double up….Gypsy Rose Wraps are gonna give a total of 3 wraps away to one glam gypsy gal.
From their blog…

As we are just starting out, we are going to start with a photo contest once a month. If you purchase a Gypsy Rose Wrap, take a picture of you, your family member or your gorgeous gal pal wearing our fun vintage inspired hair accessory and send it via email to gypsyrosewraps@gmail.com for a chance to win 3 free Gypsy Rose Wraps! The month will end on the last day. As this is almost the end of the June we will run this one until July 31st, midnight EST. Winner will be announced the next day.

Gals, here is your chance to forget the ordinary and become extraordinary. Release that inner Gypsy spirit lurking inside. Have fun! We will base our choices on originality, too stinkin’ cuteness, and those that exude the spirit of both the gypsy and Gypsy Rose Lee.

Gypsy Rose Wraps will have frequent slideshows showcasing all the gorgeous gals, ladies and gypsies out there.

I will also have all patterns and rose options listed online here later. You may shoot me an email to order or you can stop into Scentsations in Vero Beach to pick one up in person.

So..what are you waiting for…send me your pics!

Tagua Nut Jewelry fashion alert!


Wheweee it has been a super busy day! You know eco friendly and eco fashion jewelry is all the rage right now on the runways….today Scentsations just got another hot and huge shipment of tagua nut bracelets, rings and necklaces from Ecuador. Plus we have just a couple days left of our SUMMERSTOCK Sale, where all jewelry is 25% off. You won’t find better prices, better colors or better selection all in one place! Bracelets start at $15.99 and on sale that is just $11.99…stock up today. These are VERY HOT and fly out of the store quick. They make the perfect gift for bridal party attendees, eco friendly, and trendy fashionistas of all ages.
See what just arrived…

Going, Going Gone…Newport Bella Taylor Quilted Handbags 50% off


This week I just added a great Bella Taylor pattern that is retiring.  Scentsations has the lowest prices on this pattern and the best selections around!

Bella Taylor Quilted Handbags – Newport Pattern now 50% off!

Newport is a unique paisley pattern in rich blues and khaki browns.  Perfect for casual jean wear and summer capris.  Stop by and grab a great deal and a gorgeous handbag.  Mom’s of all ages love Bella Taylor and at these prices, this is a great Mother’s day Gift.

Rain, Rain go away…today will be a double bling buck day!


I am in the store for the next couple days unpacking some fabulous new fashion goodies.  It is dreary and miserable looking outside which, I have to admit, made me drag my feet a little this morning.  I am sure I am not the only one who could use a little sunshine so I have decided to make our bling bucks worth double today.  $1=$2…$10=$20.

For those of you not familiar…bling bucks are given for every $10 you spend in the store on women’s accesories like jewelry, scarves, hats, sunglasess, readers ect.

So let’s see those sunny faces and add a little color to your wardrobe (which always makes me smile).

Stop by Scentsations today in the Indian River Mall.  Don’t forget, I am in the middle of unpacking a huge scarf shipment!

See you soon:)

Mermaid’s tears – Sea glass


Sea glass collecting has become a favorite hobby and past time of beach goers for years.  Mermaid’s Tears was a folklore term for sea glass.  The legend tells us that when a a seaman has lost his life at sea, a mermaid weeps and her tears touch the sand and turn to glass.  Very romantic!  I have just recently become hooked on finding sea glass.  I am not doing too good at it diving as I find it super hard to find.  I also tend to get distracted easy by a marine creature.  I have heard the Hollywood and Jupiter beaches have some nice treasures to be found closer to shore.  Everyday I have my favorite purple sea glass bracelet I wear on my right wrist that keeps me closer to the ocean and my key west bracelet on my left wrist.

Many people fill large jars, bowls or urns with all the colorful glass pieces that they find on shore.  Many craft artists will create gorgeous pieces of jewelry, stained glass collages or other decorative pieces from the treasures they find.  Best time to collect sea glass is at low tide after a storm.  Most ocean-created mermaid tears are just common bottles for beer, milk, Noxema, Vicks, Coca Cola, 7-Up.  You name it.  Add to that centuries-old art glass, tableware, pottery. Glass is substantially sand to begin with, so over the years, the salt water, the tides, washing over rocks and sand, the pounding forces of the ocean have broken and worn down the shards to unique, one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes.

At Scentsations, we carry many unique treasures created from sea glass and also tumbled glass.  Most are one of a kind and handmade.  We feature Mexican and American artists.  It is always nice to take home a treasure, made in the USA!  Some people use artificial methods to create the tumbled look of sea glass, also called craft glass.  As a general rule, craft glass is much more expensive as the artists value their works higher.  Both are very pretty and fashionable, it just depends on the budget you have.  Online you can find them under the Mermaid’s Tears heading in the jewelry section.

Natural sea glass is getting harder to find.  As society becomes more conscious about pollution, there is less.  People also tend to recycle more now.  Lastly, plastic has replaced alot of glass items in the world so sea glass is harder to find because there is less glass being thrown away.

The color of sea glass will vary depending on it’ original source.  Most sea glass comes from old bottles, but it can also come from jars, plates, windows, windshields, ceramics or pottery.  At present we have some gorgeous, one of a kind, handmade orange and milk glass jewelry items in stock.  Also a nice blue green creamy glass.

The most common colors are kelly green, blue and a purply clear color.  The colors will come from old beer, soda or juice bottles.  The clear or white glass comes from old windshields, plates, drinking glasses and light globes.

Jade and amber are less common and used to come from old medicine bottles, bleach bottles and liquor bottles.  Lime green colors will come from old 1960 soda bottles. Ice or soft blue came from old medicine bottles, ink bottles and fruit jars from the late 29th and early 20th centuries.  In average, these colors are found about once for every 25 to 100 pieces of sea glass found.

Purple sea glass is very uncommon, as is citron, opaque white (from milk glass), cobalt and cornflower blue (from early Milk of Magnesia bottles, poison bottles, artwork, and Bromo-Seltzer and Vicks VapoRub containers), and aqua (from Ball Mason jars and 19th century glass bottles). These colors are found once for every 200 to 1,000 pieces found.

Depression Era plates produce a gray or pink glass while yellow would come from old Vaseline containers.

Super rare and hard to find are red se glass pieces.  People value these much higher due to the rarity and color variation.  They came from old car tail lights, nautical lights, dinner plates or even old Schlitz bottles.  Generally only seen one in every 5000 pieces.

Orange is the hardest to find, only one in about 10000 pieces.   I have some beautiful orange tumbled glass items in stock right now.  Stop by today or visit us online to see all the great Mermaid’s tears we have to offer!


Aromatherapy – What’s it all about


For the Month of April, I was thinking about what Scentsations could share with it’s customers.  So many of the fragrance products we carry are essential oil and aromatherapy based, I thought “this would be a good thing”.   I do not claim to be an aromacologist however, I have been using, growing my own herbs and selling essential oils for 17 years.  I have mint, oregano, sage, parsley, thyme, aloe vera and rosemary all growing in my yard or in pots.  It is part of my daily life.  I dry it, throw in in dishes I am cooking and even give tons of it away.  Therefore,  daily I will be choosing an essential oil and going over why people who believe in aromatherapy use it.  Some of the ones I will be featuring will be lavender, lemon, orange, tea tree, peppermint, frankincense, patchouli, jasmine, rose and thyme. I will be sharing with you some of my “secret” blends for remedies from sunburn, mosquito bites and even fire ant bites.

So what is aromatherapy and why do some people utilize it in their daily lives for health, wellness and peace of mind?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.   Essential oils, or aromatherapy oils, are the fragrant essence of a plant. These highly concentrated liquid oils are the foundation of aromatherapy, which is based on the idea that the aromatic oil from a plant has healing properties.  Essential oils are extracted one of two ways – either by steam distillation or expression, or pressing. Distillation is the most prominent method used to extract aromatherapy oils, however. This technique involves steaming the plant matter until it breaks down. The byproduct of this breakdown phase is the plant’s fragrant oil, which is cooled, separated from the water and finally filtered into its pure essential oil.

Essential Oils are natural concentrated essences derived from plants, bark, roots, seeds, stems, flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. and are usually steamed distilled.   They differ from fragrance oils which are normally made up of a number of synthetic imitations of essential oils creating a fragrance that will smell like a flower, herb, plant or other fragrance.  Do not confuse the two!

I sell many essential oil based products in the store including, oils, Root Candles and Lampe Berger.  There are many different modes of application of aromatherapy: aerial diffusion, direct inhalation, and topical applications.

  1. Aerial diffusion is usually applied via an oil burner but I have some people that also add some in a pot of boiling water on a stove or a few drops on a warm light bulb.  This method is generally used for fragrancing and aerial disinfection. Lampe Berger is also an aerial diffuser so are reed diffusers.
  2. Direct inhalation like in a humidifier or steamer is particularly helpful for decongestant, for respiratory cleansing and also as a soothing peace of mind.  remember when you were a kid and mom fired up the humidifier with the Vicks?  The inhaled aroma of essential oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function but we will discuss that in a minute.
  3. Topical applications like massage oils, baths, compresses and skin care.  Aromatherapy has many benefits, but it is imperative that safety precautions are taken when handling essential oils. While they may seem harmless (they are extracted from plants, after all), many need to be diluted before applying directly to the skin.

Please be sure to read all labels for warning and cautions.  Do not get essential oils in your eyes.  Flush with lots of water if you do and seek medical help. Keep them away from children who may not know what they are for, just that they smell great.   If you are using on your body as a topical application, make sure you are using the appropriate carrier oils. Use only the suggested amount; misuse can lead to headaches and/or nausea. If you suspect you’ve used too much, drink plenty of water and get some fresh air.  Essential oils have wonderful medicinal benefits, but if used improperly the effects can be hazardous to your health.


Aromatherapy is said to have been around for centuries.  Little is known about the history of aromatherapy, or where it originated specifically, but the Egyptians are credited with developing one of the first distillation machines to extract oils from certain plants — cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, to name a few — which were used to embalm the dead. The practice of using infused aromatic oils as a mood enhancer, however, is thought to have roots in China.

The Greeks also played a role in the history of aromatherapy. Megallus, a Greek perfumer, developed a fragrance he called megaleion, which consisted of myrrh. The “father of medicine” Hippocrates is said to have practiced aromatherapy (before it was dubbed so) for healing purposes. Greek mythology claims the gods were gifted with the knowledge of perfume and fragrance.

The actual term “aromatherapy” first originated in 1937 when French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse invented the word after a burn incident spurred his curiosity about the healing power of essential oils. On the heels of Gattefosse’s “discovery” that lavender oil helped to cure his burn, French surgeon Jean Valnet used essential oils to help heal soldiers’ wounds in World War II, proving the medical benefits of aromatherapy.

Now that you have a brief background…there are literally hundreds of essential oils that have a wide variety of uses in aromatherapy. The ones that you will favor and choose to use is a personal option.  The important thing to remember is you don’t have to be a professional to begin finding happiness and enjoyment from the advantages of aromatherapy immediately.  You can use them many ways:

Potpourri Candles Incense Light bulb rings
Diffuser Candle diffuse Potpourri cooker Sachet’s
Steam (3 to 6 drops in 2 cups water in pan.) Room Sprays Body Sprays Perfumes
Soaps Lotions Shampoo Hair Treatments
Scented Towels Laundry Bathes Massage oils
Household Cleaning agents Closet Scenting Drawer Scenting Smelling
Facial steams Office atmosphere Atomizers Body Spritzer

Check back tomorrow as I highlight Lavender, my #1 selling essential oil.  If you have any suggestions, recipes you would like to share or thoughts, let me know!  Be sure to follow us if you want to know when I post new essential oils.