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Gypsy Rose Wraps Photo contest


Yesterday I was talking with Gypsy Rose Wraps and I told her we were gonna do a photo contest in store and give away one of the rose wraps. So, my customers can double up….Gypsy Rose Wraps are gonna give a total of 3 wraps away to one glam gypsy gal.
From their blog…

As we are just starting out, we are going to start with a photo contest once a month. If you purchase a Gypsy Rose Wrap, take a picture of you, your family member or your gorgeous gal pal wearing our fun vintage inspired hair accessory and send it via email to gypsyrosewraps@gmail.com for a chance to win 3 free Gypsy Rose Wraps! The month will end on the last day. As this is almost the end of the June we will run this one until July 31st, midnight EST. Winner will be announced the next day.

Gals, here is your chance to forget the ordinary and become extraordinary. Release that inner Gypsy spirit lurking inside. Have fun! We will base our choices on originality, too stinkin’ cuteness, and those that exude the spirit of both the gypsy and Gypsy Rose Lee.

Gypsy Rose Wraps will have frequent slideshows showcasing all the gorgeous gals, ladies and gypsies out there.

I will also have all patterns and rose options listed online here later. You may shoot me an email to order or you can stop into Scentsations in Vero Beach to pick one up in person.

So..what are you waiting for…send me your pics!

30 day…35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 29) Buckaroo Square Knot


The buckaroo knot scarf is a favorite of cowboys and cowgirls.  With the resurgence and rise of pop music artists mixing a blend of country and southern rock, this look is being seen more.  Buckaroo is the American word for the Spanish word vaquero.  Vaquero was used in the early days of California expansion by the Spanish to describe their cowboys and herdsmen.  Vaca means cow in Spanish.  The scarf performs many functions for the cowboy.  It is often pulled over the nose and mouth to cut down the choking effects of trail dust.  It is employed as a cover for a spooked horses eyes. Also used as a hobble, as a hat tie down in windy weather, as a washcloth and towel, as a bandage, tourniquet, napkin, water filter, pot holder, flag, and temporary repair for saddle or bridle.

Flash forward to modern day fashion runways.  inspiration for fashion is all around us.  Fashion houses pull from all eras to keep things exciting for a fashion divas.  I really recommend this buckaroo knot for silk or sheer scarves.  I see the buckaroo knot worn often closer to the neck but I think it would look very fashionable as well hanging lower towards the bosom.

Step 1:  Begin with a folded oblong or a bias-band folded square scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck, then grasp opposite ends of the scarf, one in each hand.

Step2:  Wrap the scarf once around one or two fingers of your left hand, from over front to back and back over the fingers with the end hanging down and loose.

Step3:  The right scarf end wraps around the front of the left from front to back being sure to go under the loose left end.

Step4:  The right scarf end then comes forward around from the back, and loops over the loose left end, and through the loop made by the fingers of your left hand, from right to left.

Step5:  Tighten the square, and there it is the 4-square buckaroo knot

30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 24) Scarf Coverup


It is now day 24 on our trip around the month of March and all the scarf tying possibilities you have for that perfect scarf you adore. I hope along the way, you have found some unusual, fun and creative ways to add a scarf into your daily look.  I will keep you all posted but it looks like I may be doing some local editorial writing on fabulous, fun fashion tips to recreate a new look out of accessories.  The reason why I think scarves have such a broad appeal, is that there is a scarf for everyone!  I mean it, scarves come in so many shapes, sizes, weights and textures that people across the world can find a scarf look that will work for their own individual climate.  While heavy knits are not my personal favorite, those new York gals, can adapt these styles of wearing a scarf and create warmth layers.

I showed hubby Rich a few moves earlier today so he could share with our lady customers walking into our store Scentsations.  He said oh yeah that is a football one and oh that we used to do as well for football games.  For those of you not aware of Rich from my dive blog Danielle’s Dives, he is from Wales, UK and football means soccer.  I laughed that he knows a few scarf moves!  He was talking about the European loop and the Parisian scarf. 

This simple step by step way to tie your scarf works best with a wide belt and awdie scarf.  I personally like a printed scarf to contrast against the solid halter top or tank underneath.  It is the perfect coverup for a sheer top and it is also a sophisticated way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans and white classic t shirt or black halter tank.  Toss on a pair of strappy wide wood heels and you are super sexy!

Step one:  Grab a long, rectangular, wide scarf and wide belt.

Step two:  Wrap your scarf around your neck and with a with a wide belt, hold your scarf as wide as it goes in place across that halter tank.    If you feel that the scarf is too wide, double it up.

That’s it!  But take a look at the dramatic, sophisticated scarf look it creates.  Sexy and sassy! Plus you get to pull out two accessories…a scarf and a belt!  PLUS PLUS!

Till tomorrow, my fashionista friends!  I am heading back to the store to see if the new scarves arrived today.

30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 23) Bikini top


Another absolutely fabulous day in sunny central Florida.  For those who also read my dive blog, fingers crossed shore diving in Vero Beach on Monday & Tuesday.

So, inspirational ditty today was to use a colorful scarf as a top.  Today I am featuring how to wear your scarf as a bikini top.  This would also look fashionable with a flowing casual skirt of khaki shorts.

Step 1:  Fold scarf in bias band fold.

Step 2:  Place center of scarf at the middle of back

Step 3:  Next pull ends to the front by your tatas.  Tie ends into a knot in front between breasts.  Make sure to tie it tight as you don’t want any embarassing moments (or thrilling, depending on how you look at it!)

When to Wear:
Wear with shorts, flowing culotte or yoga pants, a pareo, or be daring, and wear under your business suit to work as a bandeau top!

30 days…30+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 18) Scarf Belts – 2 versions


First to all my faithful followers, I will apologize for yesterdays post not auto posting as scheduled.  I was working in my shop (Scentsations) and had it set to go for noon but it just didn’t happen.  So today will be a twofer.  Anyway,

Hippie chick is very in right now from music pop stars, to college campuses to famous movie stars.  Who is Hippie chick and how can you rock it?

Check out some of the ‘muses’ from the 1960’s, girls that rock stars couldn’t live without, including Marianne Faithfull (who was with Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones), Pattie Boyd (who was with George Harrison of the Beatles and Eric Clapton) and Anita Pallenberg (who was with Keith Richards and Brian Jones of the Stones).   Look at their flowing style like flower prints, flowing maxi dresses with billowing sleeves, wide-leg pants, fabrics like lace, silk and chiffon, soft leather and suede, macramé detailing and fringes are the key features of this romantic look.  Scarves in hair, as head bands, as belts, as arm bands.  Now fast forward and think Nicole Richie.  Today’s hippie chick is a little more urban.  Adding almost a soft biker feel to the flow.   Charlie’s Angels inspired wide-leg pants and jumpsuits, leather vests and suede suits while soft fringes in brown recreates a rodeo show vibe. All these bring back a cool, fresh look, something between innocence and sassy flair.  Strap up, sandles.  You get the picture!

Rules are  for the mainstream, but hippie chicks make it up as they go, mixing bright  colors and fun patterns with natural elements and whatever else might be  around!  Reinventing things that are laying around…like SCARVES!.

How to become a Hippie Chick:

Starting a little at a time, slowly go more natural.  That’s right.  Less is more!  Changing your eyeliner from heavy black to a little bit of sapphire or emerald can brighten up your whole face and make you look fresher and more wholesome, which is key to the hippie look.

Ditch the tight jeans and pull on a long skirt; you will notice the difference right away in how much more comfortable you are and how much freer you feel. If you only want to change a bit, try dark wash skinny jeans and a long, flowing shirt in an earth tone. Jewel tones look good on everyone.

Scarves, think GO WITH THE FLOW!  It’s all about the flowing look, and scarves certainly do flow.  Whether one is on your head or on your waist.  Today I am featuring scarf belts.  2 different variations.  Easy directions are below with illustrations for how to tie each scarf.

Easy to do and even easier to pull off. Grab an old faded, washed out pair of jeans and have fun.  Also looks divine with a flowing gypsy skirt.  Try a scarf in your jean loops.  Leave the ends hanging.   Peace, love and scarves…Until tomorrow

30 days…30+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 17) Bag it Baby!


I love keeping a scarf handy in my bag or glove compartment of the car.  It is the perfect go-to for a bad hair day or to spice up any morning faux pas!  It’s also great as a shawl in those highly air conditioned buildings in the summer, like the movies!  One of my ABFAB things to do is grab a colorful scarf on my way out the door and wear it a million different ways throughout the day.  Keep them guessing, your mood changes…your look changes.  A scarf lets me reinvent my look nearly every hour if I want! So fun….

Anyway, on with the day’s fashionista tip.

Bag it Baby!

Ever find yourself without that perfect handbag to accessorize with?  Make your own scarf handbag and add a splash of color to jeans and a t shirt or impress the gal pal friends with that vintage scarf that has been sitting in your drawer waiting for the perfect moment.  Hermes would look stunning or a imagine a bold leopard print.

This one is another incredible easy way to dress up or accessorize a weekend outfit.

Step 1:  Grab your keys, change purse and wallet.

Step 2:  Grab your favorite square scarf, toss the necessities in then tie the two opposing ends together.

Step 3:  Next, tie the other two loose ends together, overlapping the first tied knot and securing it higher,

Step 4:  Slip your arm through the loop.

I found this awesome video from The Purse Project.

Now you are ready to stroll out in scarfinsta style.

Sassy, fun and easy to stay in style with the current color palette.

30 days…30 ways to tie a scarf ( Day 15) Chain of Knots


Well we are 1/2 way through our journey this month on learning fashionable, fun and easy new ways to wear a scarf.  When I came up with the scarf instructional concept, I had no idea it would be so difficult to choose which ones I wanted to feature.  Fun way to accessorize a boring outfit.

For today, I have chosen the chain of knots scarf.  I did so because this one looks a lot more elegant than the time required to pull it off.  Took me about 1  1/2 minutes to do it with one of my longer scarves and the outcome made me look like a million bucks.  I even had a customer at Scentsations in Vero Beach, Florida comment on my pretty scarf.  Of course I undid it and showed her quickly how to reknot for the end result.

Ok, ready…

Step 1:  First put the scarf around the back of your neck so both sides hang down in front.  One on each side.

Step 2 :  Tie the ends together, making multiple, parallel knots partway down the length of the scarf.  I pull the knot through  the back.

Step 3:  This will create a pattern. Tie as many knots as you’d like.  I like 4-6 in a longer scarf while 3 knots will do it in a shorted one.  Adjust the knots to get desired space between knots.

I wore a classic dress the other day.  No buttons just fit tight along the bodice and flared at the bottom for a comfortable, natural look.  Adding the chain of knots really gave the dress a boost of color.