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Look at all the gorgeous Gypsy Rose Wraps


I am still trying to get these gorgeous Gypsy Rose wraps all featured in the store. What is making it so hard, is selling them as I am hanging them! Not that I am complaining but I have had to change the display a few times. I ordered one of every style. So needless to say this is the best variety we have ever had.

Why do my ladies love these? “They are too stinkin’ cute” as one mom put it!
The little divas love them but high school and college girls looking for are unique way to bling it up are grabbing them too.
From one of my nurse customers…”it is a nice way to forget about the boring scrubs we have to wear every day and every time I wear one, it get’s noticed.”
I had one lady Sunday buy 4 for grandaughters and one hair wrap for herself!
These rpse hair wraps are the greatest accessory to add to any outfit. The casual, bohemian coolness are an awesome way to express your individuality.
I have 4 now and have my eye on another two. I have to tell you, I have had my rose wrap in since 8:30 this morning and I don;t even notice it is on until someone compliments me!
So, stop on by Scentsations today and get a little hippie chic for yourself.

30 days…35 Ways to wear a Scarf (Day 3) Ascot


For day 3, I am featuring the classic Ascot.  Did you know the Ascot tie originated in Great Britain during the 19th century. The tie got its name from the famous British horse race called “Royal Ascot”  which was an event at which formal morning attire, consisting of tailcoat jacket and ascot tie, was required. The ascot looks like a silken scarf that is not tied like a traditional necktie. To tie an ascot, the tie is first placed around the neck. One end of the tie is then wrapped around the other before it is pulled trough the loop on the neck. The wrapping is then secured with a decorative pin. Unlike traditional neckties, the ascot is tied much looser and not tightened around the neck.  It was originaally worn by men, but us clever and crafty ladies are always looking for a NEW look and have easily adapted this into our wardrobes.

I find this way to wear a scarf workd best with silk, pashima or a thin knit scarf.  It can be casual or dressy depending upon material the scarf is made of and works well for any weather.  Can easily be adapted with a t shirt and blazer or under a business suit.

The Ascot Knot  (or Loose Tie) (illustrations courtesy of texeresilk.com)

Step 1 Let the middle of the scarf fall on the back of your neck with equal length on both sides.

Step 2 Take one end (A) and bring it towards the other (B).

Step 3 Let A pass from under B.

Step 4 Bring A upwards to make a knot as illustrated.

Step 5 Adjust both the ends equally facing downwards.

This type of knot is great when you’re wearing an open jacket, and you want the same appeal that a necktie has. It also works great when you’re wearing a turtle neck or a high collar jacket.