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Color trend alert fall 2012


Bold is beautiful. I love color! I think it is one of the things that separates us southern gals from the rest of the world. No drab black, gray or khaki for us. Instead you can often catch that business woman wearing a black suit with a fuchsia top underneath, or a khaki linen dress with a dashing tangerine orange scarf with yellow butterflies.
You can’t touch color per say (yes you can touch the fabric!) but color touches us every day in our lives. Put on a fabulously sunny yellow and a smile comes to the face. Or adorn a cool blue and serenity is yours. Wear the power red pump and be taken serious. You can’t feel color but color can change the way you are feeling. Many times color can identify a person.
Take my store uniforms or dress code. We all wear black and purple. Not lilac, or maroon or frosty purple but deep vibrant purple. I believe it helps to exude an individuality to my staff, a sense of confidence when selling and a feminine sexiness you don;t find in pink or lilac.

2012 fall color pallette

With fall 2012 now here with back to school, I am so pleased to say no dreary grays or neutrals. Instead we see deep teals, vibrant plums, cool blues and a burnt orange deeper and richer than the tangerine orange we saw so much of for spring. Look for the bright optimist pops of colors added to traditional fall tones. Look to see polka dots but not the traditional black on white. Instead smoky gray skirts with bold pink and cool blue dots. Also watch for geometric prints on white and cream backs.
For handbags, looks for patchwork, and bold vibrant pops of color. Don;t be afraid to twist that tangerine orange top and mix it with a smoky charcoal skirt. Take Bella Taylor’s new black paisley print with exhilarating emerald green, vibrant purple and sunny gold.

French Roast (Pantone 19-1012), Honey Gold (Pantone 15-1142), Pink Flambe (Pantone 18-2133), Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463)
Ultramarine Green (Pantone 18-5338), Bright Chartreuse (Pantone 14-0445), Olympian Blue (Pantone 19-4056), Titanium (Pantone 17-4014)
Rhapsody (Pantone 16-3817), Rose Smoke (Pantone 14-1506). With names like these, I feel a sense of boardroom power just when I hear them.

In this section, TFL displays the colour trends for leather garments, footwear, accessories and additionally for the upholstery industry. The colours are divided into “Wearing” and “Living”. Wearing comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories whereas Living presents all colours that will enhance next season’s interior design. I have focused on wearing. To me the colors are more natural, smoky and what I would expect to find in a smoke room. Good staple backtops for fall’s unexpectant pop of color in the warddrobe.

TFL color for leather, handbags and upholstery


Jim Bowen featured Florida photographer


Today I am super excited to announce that we have received a nice delivery of Florida photographer, Jim Bowen’s fabulous pictures. All are matted prints on archival paper and only using the finest inks. This means no fading, yellowing or other signs of aging. These are museum quality images!

A little about Jim…
This guy is just a super nice, down to earth, “Floridian”. Those of us who live, breathe and exude that casual, life is too short attitude, know exactly what I am talking about. While Jim is always pressed and dressed in coolness, often he is sun kissed and in flip flops. His love of birds genuinely shows in his images.
If you are looking for that special “piece” that embodies this relaxed way of life for an office, den or living room, please stop in and see these fabulous photos.
We also have a limited selection of notecards, boxes of 10 for those special events.

Summer Sidewalk Sale this weekend


Just a quick reminder that Saturday starts our Summer Sidewalk Sale.  Going to have some great buckets of $2, $5, $10 items plus an enormous selection of 50% off items.  Be sure to get here early  Saturday for best selection.  Gates are up for 10 am.  The Sidewalk Sale will run through till 4th of  July.  Please not that the mall has limited hours on 4th of July from 10am-6pm so mall employees can spend some time celebrating with their families.


Ok, so a quick little update after 3pm…I have been setting up for this and the mall is packed!!!! I have $5 mugs that normally run $14-30

I have a huge $5 table that has somethings on it that normally sell for $25.

I have a huge $10 section and there are some goodies on there that are usually $64!

I have a $2 section with items that were up to $15 each

A $3 section with items that were originally $20

I have $5 beaded lanyards while they last, $3 purse hooks, $10 monster party glasses that were originally $35 in a cute gift box!

I have sparkly baubles for your windows and patios only $5

Windchimes are all at least 50% off

Jewelry storewide is 25% off

Get here early to stock up and save the most, at these prices they won’t last long!

Gypsy Rose Wraps arriving tomorrow


I am super excited to say we just got in a huge delivery of Gypsy Rose Wraps. These gorgeous head bands are a perfect way to accessorize any outfit. I can’t keep these in the store either but fortunately I have about 50 showing up tomorrow and another 100 mid next week.
So this is just a little teaser, get here early as they will go on sale at 10am.

How to wear these gorgeous wraps…
{1} Where do I put the rose?  Well every girl is an individual so please put it where you feel like.  there is no right or wrong way.  If you hold your headband out from hand to hand, you will see that the rose if slightly offset from the middle. This is the “shorter” side. We suggest putting the “shorter” side of the headband with the Gypsy Rose on top or to the side.  Once you’ve done this, you’re assured to have the correct placement for the rose and the ends will match better in the back.

{2} Don’t tie their headbands too tight as well. There is a happy medium and it is found in the wonderful word, taut.

The natural fibers of your headband allow for a slight stretch as you tie it to your head. The more you wear your headband, the more you will be able to see how the stretch of the fabric will start to shape to your head. After a couple of times wearing it, it will fit your size and shape of head better than if you put it on the first time. The key is to tie it tight enough so it’s not lose or you don’t have a pucker on the back side of your wrap {closest to your crown} but not too tight so it starts to slip off your head.

See you tomorrow! (Notice I didn’t tease you with pictures!)

Let’s talk Fair trade


As we enjoy 18 years of being independent store owners, we have seen so many changes in the economy here and abroad. As many of Scentsations customers are aware, we are striving to support and feature both made in America unique gifts and Fair Trade gifts. We simply do not want to feature products that you can find anywhere.
I am constantly amazed at how little the average customer (not that any of my customers are average!) is not aware of what fair trade is and how purchasing fair trade items by artisans can benefit and change lives.

From the World fair Trade Organization:
“Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seek greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South. Fair Trade Organizations, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.”

Fair Trade products are produced and traded in accordance with these principles – wherever possible verified by credible, independent assurance systems.

We began featuring Tagua Nut (or palm ivory) jewelry and have since added genuine Montecristi Panama Hats. These products are a direct result of our commitment to nature and the urgent need to create income opportunities for impoverished local community members. Teaching people how to make handicrafts and helping them sell their exceptional treasures gives them an income alternative that reduces pressure on the unique and endangered ecosystem of the surrounding dry tropical forests. These gems are completely sustainable and renewable plus we are promoting a socially conscious way to not only protect our rain forests of the Amazon but we are also helping an impoverished area learn skills and trades that will earn them a way to provide for themselves and their families.

In my opinion, it is time we all become a little more socially conscious about the decisions we make, what products we buy and why we buy them. As consumers, we can make a difference in the quality of life others have on a global level. So the next time, you decide to purchase, flip the label over and see where it comes from!

Pick 3…spend $50, save your local economy


I belong to the 3/50 group of indie retailers.  Have for over 3 years now.

I thought it would be good to give a shout out of what spending your hard earned $$$ with me means to your local community. What got me started on this was the ridiculous promo going on in Target now about stores within stores.  Basically they are just end caps pushing local vendors. You know, think Vera Bradley before she sold out and started mass making everything in China.  Little in store boutiques.

The fact Target advertises these “Shops” as “a curated collection of home, beauty, fashion and pet products from…specialty stores” doesn’t help, painting a picture of cozy environments bubbling with delight, nestled between familiar red walls, bursting with exciting designs, catchy displays, oh-my-gosh-that’s-to-die-for offerings.

Well folks, I am so flipping glad they aren’t even close.  So, please for the love of GOD, don’t be the mindless cow that follows the pack to the slaughter house.  Think and don;t be deceived by clever marketing.  As a consumer, you can CHOOSE where you spend your hard earner $$$$.  (And thanks ever so much to all my fabulous customers who believe in Scentsations)

so without further ado…

3 is the magic number – What 3 independent stores would you miss if they disappeared or closed?  Stop in, say hello and spend a little.   As many of my long time customers who followed me to Vero beach know, we had a store in Brevard County for almost 15 years.  I closed that at the end of my mall lease on 12/31/11.  We could not renew lease due to rising costs and shrinking revenue.  After closing this one, many people emailed me and facebooked to ask where we were and why.  To be honest, I didn’t see these people at all for December, the holiday season when they spent $ for gifts somewhere.  Don’t forget why you love these stores and remember them when you have gift needs. Without you, they can’t survive.

Nifty 50 – if 1/2 the employed people spent $50 a month in independant stores, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.  What sort of positive impact would that have if 3/4 of employed people did that.

68 – for every $100 spent locally, $68 stays locally through taxes, expenditures and and payroll.  If you spend it in a chain, $43 stays locally and if you spend it online $0 comes back to your community.

1 – The number of people it takes to start a trend and make a change – just 1 – you.


For more details on how YOU can help stimulate America and small town America’s economies visit The3/

How to Roll and store your Montecristi Panama Hat


As many of you are aware, we have been striving to feature more handmade items in the store and on our website (  This week we got in a gorgeous shipment of Montecristi Handwoven Panama Hats. Perfect for men and women of all ages and a great way to help keep the heat and the sun off your noggin!

I have had a few questions about how to care for them so thought it would be a fabulous idea to give you some helpful care tips.

One of the reasons why I love these hats is that the weave fines and the softness of the toquilla straw allow this class is Panama Hat to be to be rolled up for easy packing.   Although the panama Hat is very flexible we recommend to roll hats up only for travel reasons because the straw may crack if this practice is used too often.

Follow the following rules for a safe care when rolling your hat:

1. Roll not fold.  Panama Hats can be rolled but be careful not to fold it because it may result in cracking the straw or damaging the weave.

2. Roll Up your hat just for travel reasons. The longer the hat remains rolled, the longer the time its going to take to return to its original form.

3. It is not recommendable to roll budget or standard Cuenca hats since the straw is thicker and easier to crack.   The finer the weave, the better to roll.

4. Do not roll dried out hats. Panama hats love Florida and  need a little of humidity in order to be rolled, that is why if the hat is exposed to a warm and dry weather the hat can dry out and rolling it under these conditions might result in cracking.

5. Store your  Panama Hat in its original shape.