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New Shipment of Spring Scarves has arrived!


I just got notice that we received a huge shipment of new spring 2012 fashion scarves.  I am in the store all weekend and will have these beauties ready for sale tomorrow am.

A fabulous array of all the hot spring and summer fashion colors.  Tangerine tango, Cockatoo Blue, Solar Yellow and more.  Plus the popular peacock scarves are back in stock.

Stop by this weekend and add a little color to your wardrobe.  All are priced under $30!

Scarf accent jewelry is back in as well.  Add these rings and embellishments to your scarves to make a more dramatic fashion statement.  As usual, Scentsations always has the latest fashion trends before anyone else!scarves, scarf

30 day 43 ways to tie a scarf (Day 30) Criss Cross Wrap


Our journey comes to an end today as we are at Day 30.  All total we have  43 Fabulous neck wrap scarf highlights your neck in an elegant yet fashionable way.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey and found some fabulous, fashionable new ways to accessorize your wardrobe.  We have seen a whole slew of classic and new twists to rejuvenate your scarf look.  For a windy day, grab the Grace Kelly look.  For an important business lunch, use this Criss Cross Wrap or try a square silk scarf as a halter under your business suit.  In my opinion, if you look good, you feel better about yourself and more confident.

There was a reason why the timeless beauties like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Jackie O  remain classic beauties even after their death.  Beauty is not only the clothes but HOW YOU WEAR THEM.  Sense of style is not following every season’s newest fashion debuts but incorporating the ones that will work perfect for your body type into a classic wardrobe.  Wardrobes are built, not just purchased and one of the easy ways to transcend time and trends is to utilize those fashion accessories to give a new look.  Remember that if you are ever feeling down or it has been a week full of gray, dreary days or the boss has been up your backside all week, go to the scarf drawer.  Pull out a vibrant, colorful scarf and add a little sunshine to your day!

So on our final day, I give you a classic.  This one will work for you now and in 20 years.  You can be 18 or 70 and pull this one off.  This criss cross scarf wrap works extremely well with any dress or neckline.

Step 1:  Fold the square scarf according to triangle fold or bias band fold and let it hang around your neck equally on each side.

Step 2:  Cross over both sides of the scarf

Step 3:  Give the scarf sides another cross.

Step 4:  Now bring both the ends towards the back of the neck.

Step 5:  Last, pass one end through the other as shown to tie a simple knot.

Since this is my last scarf post in this series, I leave you with this tribute to one of my favorite series and group of movies…Sex in the City.

Sex in the City was a fashionable yet sometimes controversial series produced by HBO and ran initially from 1998 to 2004 with two films being released for us junkies in 2008 and 2010.  It started Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Dixon and Kristin Davis.  These four actresses played four completely different ladies Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbs.  All four ladies had a different sense of style, fashion and swagger about here.  Hence the broad appeal to us faithful followers.  Plus which of you Divas out there didn’t love the appeal of New York?  Who was Mr. Big and why was Steve so dorky?

This quirky series had multiple continuing storyline that tackled relevant and modern social issues like safe sex, STD’s femininity, promiscuity, cancer, homosexuality and even divorce. And we all know these 4 ladies could really rock fashion, some good and some bad on a daily basis.  They inspired us and created so many crazes in fashion.  Remember the Bhirkin bag or Tommy Woods handbag episodes?  Not too mention all the shoes pimped out.  Who knew before this show,  you could rent a handbag for a week?  Scarves, scarves and scarves! Worn every which way.  Some to look sexy, some to look chic, some to keep warm.  Some scarves just looked down right silly.  Enjoy!

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So long for now, I hope you enjoyed this segment of Scentsations fashion news.  Stay tuned and be sure to follow as I have several upcoming excited posts like fashion forecasts out to fall 2013 and unique ways to tie your sarongs.

30 day…35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 29) Buckaroo Square Knot


The buckaroo knot scarf is a favorite of cowboys and cowgirls.  With the resurgence and rise of pop music artists mixing a blend of country and southern rock, this look is being seen more.  Buckaroo is the American word for the Spanish word vaquero.  Vaquero was used in the early days of California expansion by the Spanish to describe their cowboys and herdsmen.  Vaca means cow in Spanish.  The scarf performs many functions for the cowboy.  It is often pulled over the nose and mouth to cut down the choking effects of trail dust.  It is employed as a cover for a spooked horses eyes. Also used as a hobble, as a hat tie down in windy weather, as a washcloth and towel, as a bandage, tourniquet, napkin, water filter, pot holder, flag, and temporary repair for saddle or bridle.

Flash forward to modern day fashion runways.  inspiration for fashion is all around us.  Fashion houses pull from all eras to keep things exciting for a fashion divas.  I really recommend this buckaroo knot for silk or sheer scarves.  I see the buckaroo knot worn often closer to the neck but I think it would look very fashionable as well hanging lower towards the bosom.

Step 1:  Begin with a folded oblong or a bias-band folded square scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck, then grasp opposite ends of the scarf, one in each hand.

Step2:  Wrap the scarf once around one or two fingers of your left hand, from over front to back and back over the fingers with the end hanging down and loose.

Step3:  The right scarf end wraps around the front of the left from front to back being sure to go under the loose left end.

Step4:  The right scarf end then comes forward around from the back, and loops over the loose left end, and through the loop made by the fingers of your left hand, from right to left.

Step5:  Tighten the square, and there it is the 4-square buckaroo knot

30 days…35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 28) Hermes Silk scarf top #2


Today, again I am talking to you bout ways to wear your oversized silk scarves like Hermes or Louis Vuitton.  J Mcclaughlin also has some lower price point scarves.

Check out these new Hermes scarves.  They are a clever combination and perfect texture harmony of 65% cashmere for softness and 35% silk for suppleness and lightness. This scarf flows beautifully around your neck, gently enveloping you in a soft cloud. All are 90cm.  Here are a few below for you to drool over.

Timeless, classic and sophisticated, every last one of them!

Our asymmetric scarf look for today requires two large square scarves.  Again, please do not hesitate to mix a solid with a print.

Step 1:  You are going to tie both large scarves into a knot on one corner.

Step 2:  Place the knot on whichever shoulder you desire. Drape one scarf to front and drape one scarf to back, sandwiching your body in the middle.

Step 3:  Take both ends of the scarf hanging down your sides in the front and wrap around your back, tying a knot in the middle.

Step 4:  Take the remaining two sides from the back scarf and pull around the front, tying a knot on one side.

Tres chic and super sexy!  Nice way to draw attention to a thin waste.  Try this look with a classic paid of capris for summer or a sleek black long trouser for the holidays.

Till tomorrow my scentsational scarf lovers!

30 days…35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 26) Hermes Silk Scarf Top #1


Over the last 3 weeks, I have featuring so many ways to wear a scarf.  All the classics from Grace Kelly look, to Ascot knot.  From head band scarves to belt scarf.  The last couple days I will be showing you step by step how to tie some scarf tops.  Think back to the 60’s and early 70’s.  This was a hippie chic feel but go back to the 50’s and you would see west Palm gals wearing luscious silk Hermes scarves as tops.

I will have several step by step guides for various scarf tops that will work perfect with those square silk scarves in your drawer.

Step 1:  Take a large Hermes like silk or sheer scarf.

Step 2:  Fold it into a triangle.  lay across your front.  I hold my triangle points in my mouth till I have it positioned correct

Step 3:  Tie one triangle point to the other triangle point behead your neck.

Step :  You are almost done!  Next, take the remaining two ends of the silk scarf and tie securely behind your back.


That’s it folks!  This look would work superbly under a business jacket to add a pop of color or print to a plain boring suit.  It would certainly add a feminine touch and make for an easy conversion to happy hour after work by removing the jacket.

Country Club and Bejeweled Bella Taylor Handbags all 50% off


This week at Scentsations, we have some new 50% off discounts.  These are while supplies last and are closeouts on Bella Taylor quilted handbag patterns that will be going.  Huge new delivery of Bella Taylor purses and accessories.   Katy handbag and wristlet wallets are back in stock and going fast. 

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We also have a new 50% off section for jewelry, accessories and scarves.  These are last items or ones we need to make room for new deliveries.  How it works is that whenever I am working in store and reviewing what is coming in for the week, I go through and deeply discount items that we may not have matching items for or that we have had in for a while.  This happens 3 or 4 times a week.  I do not post these online and these clearance accessory items do not usually last more than 3 or 4 days.  The reason why I tell you this is because, you should be popping in every time you come to the mall to avoid missing out on a piece you like.  I had one lady get upset because a necklace she saw two weeks ago, was not in stock anymore.

Fashion is fun and nobody wants to see the same things at Scentsations over and over again.  That would not be fun!  This is the reason why we price our jewelry and accessories so fair.  You see, it, and like it buy it!  I have no many new things coming in from made in America flip flops to $%^#& (well that would b no fun telling you everything!)

Hubby Rich’s birthday is Monday so I am giving him 4 days off and I will be in the store for Saturday & Sunday so in honor of this Scentsations is promoting all regular priced jewelry, belts, & scarves at Buy 1 get 1  at 50% off for Saturday & Sunday this weekend.  Two day only sale!

So stop by today, see what’s new, chat with Rich & I and meet our old/new girl Lauren next week.  She is new for Vero Beach location but old as she used to asst manage for me in the Merritt Island location.

30 days…35+ Ways to wear a scarf (Day 25) Twist Top


Well, it is another exceptional day in sunny Florida.  I love this time of the year.  Most of the yard work is complete, so now we get to enjoy the days off a bit more.  I am going to be doing some shore diving over the next week and need some creative ways to wrap up after a dive.  I will be featuring some trendy, yet easy ways to wear your scarves as tops this week.  Today this one requires a large, oversize, rectangle scarf.  I think it would also work well with a pashima scarf in cooler weather.

Has anyone heard of Athena Procopiou?  This lady has some incredibly gorgeous graphic art scarves. She was born in Greece and raised in Switzerland.  She originally trained as a pianist but left that career to move to Paris and study history of Art at Christie’s.   Sounds so romantic and is one of the things I love about Europeans.  Their ability to love their life and live it.  Athena has been commissioned by some of the best fashion labels and houses.  She is known for her vibrant scarf graphics and fabulous quality.

Step 1:  Fold the scarf in a triangle.

Step 2:  Tie a knot at the point of the scarf leaving enough to put around your neck.

Step 3:  Tie a knot around your neck.

Step 4:  Take the two other extremities of the triangle and wrap it around you, making a knot at the back.

Step 5:  Tuck the pieces that are poking out. See video below.

30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 24) Scarf Coverup


It is now day 24 on our trip around the month of March and all the scarf tying possibilities you have for that perfect scarf you adore. I hope along the way, you have found some unusual, fun and creative ways to add a scarf into your daily look.  I will keep you all posted but it looks like I may be doing some local editorial writing on fabulous, fun fashion tips to recreate a new look out of accessories.  The reason why I think scarves have such a broad appeal, is that there is a scarf for everyone!  I mean it, scarves come in so many shapes, sizes, weights and textures that people across the world can find a scarf look that will work for their own individual climate.  While heavy knits are not my personal favorite, those new York gals, can adapt these styles of wearing a scarf and create warmth layers.

I showed hubby Rich a few moves earlier today so he could share with our lady customers walking into our store Scentsations.  He said oh yeah that is a football one and oh that we used to do as well for football games.  For those of you not aware of Rich from my dive blog Danielle’s Dives, he is from Wales, UK and football means soccer.  I laughed that he knows a few scarf moves!  He was talking about the European loop and the Parisian scarf. 

This simple step by step way to tie your scarf works best with a wide belt and awdie scarf.  I personally like a printed scarf to contrast against the solid halter top or tank underneath.  It is the perfect coverup for a sheer top and it is also a sophisticated way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans and white classic t shirt or black halter tank.  Toss on a pair of strappy wide wood heels and you are super sexy!

Step one:  Grab a long, rectangular, wide scarf and wide belt.

Step two:  Wrap your scarf around your neck and with a with a wide belt, hold your scarf as wide as it goes in place across that halter tank.    If you feel that the scarf is too wide, double it up.

That’s it!  But take a look at the dramatic, sophisticated scarf look it creates.  Sexy and sassy! Plus you get to pull out two accessories…a scarf and a belt!  PLUS PLUS!

Till tomorrow, my fashionista friends!  I am heading back to the store to see if the new scarves arrived today.

30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 23) Bikini top


Another absolutely fabulous day in sunny central Florida.  For those who also read my dive blog, fingers crossed shore diving in Vero Beach on Monday & Tuesday.

So, inspirational ditty today was to use a colorful scarf as a top.  Today I am featuring how to wear your scarf as a bikini top.  This would also look fashionable with a flowing casual skirt of khaki shorts.

Step 1:  Fold scarf in bias band fold.

Step 2:  Place center of scarf at the middle of back

Step 3:  Next pull ends to the front by your tatas.  Tie ends into a knot in front between breasts.  Make sure to tie it tight as you don’t want any embarassing moments (or thrilling, depending on how you look at it!)

When to Wear:
Wear with shorts, flowing culotte or yoga pants, a pareo, or be daring, and wear under your business suit to work as a bandeau top!

30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 22) Lacey Chabert Head Scarf


Again, my inspiration was the incredibly nice day out here again in Central Florida and my desire to be outside a lot.

Check out these pics. All with a bias band classic fold  to start.  Can the top models, actresses and superstars  Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lacey Chambert, Kate Hudson afford to do their hair or have their hair done every day or do they hide the day old or two day old hair under a scarf?

Not to hard to do, create the bias band and then put on head and tie under hair, in back of hair, under pony tail or off the the side.  As the visions in my brain are to ride off in the sunset with hubby Rich in the Jeep to a warm tropical place to escape my 18 year old terror of a son.  Serenity now!