30 days…30+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 27) Hermes silk scarf top #2


Yesterday, I started featuring easy, step by step directions on how to tie those lovely silk scarves you have.  Hermes has some incredible new scarves out this season.  If you can’t afford a new Hermes scarf, be sure to check your local second hand shops.  I think the scarf tops inspired by Hermes are always a classic yet sexy way to get noticed.  Most people don’t even realize you are wearing a scarf! I believe there is something sexy about the feel of silk against your skin.  It looks luxurious and makes you feel like a million bucks.  It also has a daring quality to it and I think it is a sexy way to get your man’s attention.  Imagine quickly untying it from the back.  Every time he sees you with that top, he will be thinking (and dreaming) of what’s underneath.

For this top, you will need two large square scarves.  Don’t be afraid to mix a solid with a print.  You will also need a thin belt or tie.

Step 1:  Tie the two scarves together on the top.

Step 2:  Slip your head through the look created by the two knots.

Step 3:  Tie your thin belt or sash around your waist.

step 4:  Tuck in any loose ends hanging out.  I also have some people who like to knot each side first

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another fabulous yet easy new way for you to wear a scarf.


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