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Candles – Symbolism


Candles have always had a distinctive place in our society, and as such they represent an incredible link that taps into our past. In their own unique way, candles radiate messages of romance, passion, security, warmth, hope, spirituality, and mystery, to name just a few. Today, candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent, particularly to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance, and for emergency lighting during electrical power failures. Scented candle are used n aromatherapy. Deeply rooted in almost every religious and spiritual practice, creed and nationality, there is something peculiar and symbolic in a solitary flame and the aura of light surrounding it. It communicates with our souls. It speaks beyond words.  Candles symbolize enlightenment,inspirations, religious clarity, and comfort.  No matter how thick the darkness, the light of one candle conquers it. No matter how solitary one flame is, it is never alone or lonely for its light knows no boundaries and touches eternity. People of all faiths and walks of life, and many different creeds, have been joining together in a candlelight vigil to grieve, pray or celebrate. Candles are an integral part of our identities, they have been playing an important role in both our collective and individual consciousness.

Although we are live in modern times with electricity and such, very few of us haven’t had contact with candles. From the very first blazing encounters on a birthday cake, where candles are introduced as a magical agents which help our wishes came true, to every possible ritual and practice of social initiation, rite of passage or pleasure lubricant, candle flame has been our constant companion. Our initial enchantment with birthday candles is precursor to our belief that magic and candles naturally go together. Symbolism of birthday candles is not the only candle symbolism we are exposed to from the earliest days. No matter what religion we are born into, there are sanctuaries and special places to light a candle for health, protection, blessing and loving memory of departed ones. Candles are believed to connect people with divine, and with the deceased. They send our message beyond the boundaries of the visible and material world. In a candle light, the material world and the world of the Spirit are met.

Many couples have a Unity Candle at their wedding. Two outside candles are lit by the couple’s mothers to represent their lives to this moment. These distinct flames, each burning alone, represent the faith, wisdom and love received from their parents. Together, the couple lights a center candle, symbolizing the union of their lives. Their thoughts shall be for each other, and they will share both joys and sorrows. The flames of the two smaller candles remain lit to show how although they are now one, they are still each unique individuals.

A candle represents love which can light our spouse’s world.

A candle wipes out darkness and shows us how love can brighten our beloved’s life.

When we are near a candle, we feel warmth, just as we feel warmth from the love of our spouse.

A candle can give a sense of direction, and can draw people together, reminding us of how our love is a binding force also.

When a candle burns, the melting wax on the candle in a way disfigures the candle, representing the risk and element of pain that exists in a love relationship.

A candle, in order to fulfill itself, must burn itself out. If a candle is never lit, it never fulfills it’s purpose.

Going, Going Gone…Newport Bella Taylor Quilted Handbags 50% off


This week I just added a great Bella Taylor pattern that is retiring.  Scentsations has the lowest prices on this pattern and the best selections around!

Bella Taylor Quilted Handbags – Newport Pattern now 50% off!

Newport is a unique paisley pattern in rich blues and khaki browns.  Perfect for casual jean wear and summer capris.  Stop by and grab a great deal and a gorgeous handbag.  Mom’s of all ages love Bella Taylor and at these prices, this is a great Mother’s day Gift.

Follow Scentsations and get a chance to win a free scarf!


I was in the store all weekend and was hit all weekend with a few questions on things I just covered and discussed on the blog.  So I have decided to do a little giveaway for the next 4 weeks.  All month, Scentsations will be giving one scarf away to anyone who clicks the follow us link on this blog.  For those of you already signed up, you will be entered as well for week one.  Everytime we hit a new 50 followers until the end of May, I am giving a scarf away.  Value of the scarf will be between $20 and $50.  This is for my online customers as well.

Hopefully it will motivate everyone to join in, follow, share and enjoy fashion in your home and for your gorgeous self.

Other news this week:

1. An enormous shipment of BOGG beach bags has just arrived again with two new colors…OLIVE and MAROON.

2. Just replenished the 50% off jewelry section with some final clearance items.

3.  Final stages of MOM & ME event being worked out.

4.  Check back often for our LOOK BOOK.  We will be taking pictures of all our fabulous ladies wearing their gorgeous purchases.  Whether it is scarves, hats, handbags, jewelry or headbands.

5.  Don’t forget Mother’s day…we just received some incredible word and sentiment plaques, plates, mugs and frames.  All priced under $15!

Feifish – New Made in America, Florida fun jewelry


We all know the trouble and tribulations America is facing economy wise.  With that said, at Scentsations, we are focusing more this year on offering Made in America gifts for all occasions.

Today’s feature is a line of fun, trendy, nautical, very Florida jewelry line that offers, bracelets, necklaces and even earrings.  All of the items are made in the USA by hand!  You heard me right.  Priced at $20-$50 for necklaces, these are a steal.  The charms are all handmade pewter.

They always fly off the shelf when I unpack new deliveries.  Locals and tourists love them.  With the turtle being the symbol of Vero Beach, anything uniquely turtle goes fast.  We have some gorgeous handmade, precious stone items and fabulous handblown glass…irridescently fun necklaces.

Check out the pictures below.  I have most of the bracelets & necklaces online at

If you are one of my blog followers and note that in your order, we will honor free shipping on any jewelry order over $40.

Choose from dragonflies, seahorses, turtles, manatees, sail fish, dolphins, manta rays and even octopus necklaces. Take a sneak peak…they are divinely fun!  As many of you are aware, I love diving.  I just got some new necklaces in with mask, snorkel, fins and fish charms.  needless to say, I am now sporting one.

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Rain, Rain go away…today will be a double bling buck day!


I am in the store for the next couple days unpacking some fabulous new fashion goodies.  It is dreary and miserable looking outside which, I have to admit, made me drag my feet a little this morning.  I am sure I am not the only one who could use a little sunshine so I have decided to make our bling bucks worth double today.  $1=$2…$10=$20.

For those of you not familiar…bling bucks are given for every $10 you spend in the store on women’s accesories like jewelry, scarves, hats, sunglasess, readers ect.

So let’s see those sunny faces and add a little color to your wardrobe (which always makes me smile).

Stop by Scentsations today in the Indian River Mall.  Don’t forget, I am in the middle of unpacking a huge scarf shipment!

See you soon:)

New Shipment of Spring Scarves has arrived!


I just got notice that we received a huge shipment of new spring 2012 fashion scarves.  I am in the store all weekend and will have these beauties ready for sale tomorrow am.

A fabulous array of all the hot spring and summer fashion colors.  Tangerine tango, Cockatoo Blue, Solar Yellow and more.  Plus the popular peacock scarves are back in stock.

Stop by this weekend and add a little color to your wardrobe.  All are priced under $30!

Scarf accent jewelry is back in as well.  Add these rings and embellishments to your scarves to make a more dramatic fashion statement.  As usual, Scentsations always has the latest fashion trends before anyone else!scarves, scarf

Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus Oil


I am a sinus sufferer.  We joke and say I can tell you when a good storm is coming by the sinus headache I get.  I love Eucalyptus- I have planted three plants around patio to help ward off the bugs.  They do however, seem to take forever to grow.  Eucalyptus is a powerful decongestant treatment for respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, asthma, chest infections, and sinusitis. It alleviates inflammation, reduces fever, treats skin infections, and eases pain of burns. It relieves muscle tension, treats rheumatism, and fibrositis. It boosts the immune system, which stimulates new tissue formation, and diuretic capabilities.  This oil is always in my top ten essential oils.

First Aid Eucalyptus Oil Uses include:

  • Insect Bites  hate the smell of Off and this will not burn your skin.
  • Blisters
  • Skin Irritations (like scrapes) and Minor Wounds (like cuts)
  • Mouthwash – kills staphylococcus bacteria
  • Relieves Sinus pressure by massaging a drop onto your temples
  • Relieves Headache by rubbing a few drops onto area in mid-forehead
  • Relieves muscle pain by adding to massage oil

 Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil Uses:

  • Add to Vaporizer or room humidifier to make breathing easier
  • Fever?   Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water, soak washcloth, put on forehead, neck to cool skin
  • Rub Eucalyptus oil on sore, tired, exhausted muscles to feel comforting warmth deep in the tissues
  • Stimulant to increase cardiac activity
  • Anti-microbial oil that treats infectious viruses
  • Provides relief from asthma
  • Treats respiratory tract ailments
  • Treats sinusitis and head colds
  • Eases rheumatism and relieves arthritis
  • Treats Tuberculosis

Preventative Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil Uses:

  • Eucalyptus oil is a natural “pest-deterrent” to  keep mosquitos at bay
  • Antiseptic gargle (germicidal properties effectively kill staphylococcus bacteria)

Animal Eucalyptus Oil Uses:

  • Tick repellent
  • Eucalyptus Oil applied to the skin of your pet can reduce pain
  • Helpful in treating dogs with distemper
  • Treats septicemia (blood poisoning)
  • Treats parasite infestations

Household Eucalyptus Oil Uses:

  • Replace many environmentally-unfriendly chemicals with this Natural Disinfectant for toilets, sinks.  Mix  1.6 oz of eucalyptus oil with a liter(quart) of water.  Storage similar to other disinfectants.  eco friendly and green alternative.
  • Use above recipe with dish detergent to disinfect and wash floor and counter surfaces (hospital recipe, good on finger  marks)
  • Use undiluted to remove sticker/decal residue from glass and/or glass surfaces (like windows)
  • Add 1-2 tsp eucalyptus oil to each load of wash for a fresh scent with anti-microbial benefits
  • Removes paint, grease, or ink from clothing  (undiluted)
  • Revitalize your car air freshener by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil
  • Half a tsp mixed with half liter (half quart) of water makes for a great plant-friendly bug repellent
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Room air freshener – Mix 12-15 drops of eucalyptus oil, 1/2 tsp vodka, 2 cups of water. Put in spray bottle and you have a homemade, non-toxic Febreeze!!   This is very subtle – double eucalyptus oil for a stronger scent.

The Dos and Don’ts Regarding Eucalyptus Oil Uses:

  • Eucalyptus oil should be stored in a dark glass bottle
  • Keep in a cool place
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Unlike other essential oils, eucalyptus oil (when stored correctly), keeps for 1-2 years from the production date