30 days 35+ ways to wear a scarf (Day 23) Bikini top


Another absolutely fabulous day in sunny central Florida.  For those who also read my dive blog, fingers crossed shore diving in Vero Beach on Monday & Tuesday.

So, inspirational ditty today was to use a colorful scarf as a top.  Today I am featuring how to wear your scarf as a bikini top.  This would also look fashionable with a flowing casual skirt of khaki shorts.

Step 1:  Fold scarf in bias band fold.

Step 2:  Place center of scarf at the middle of back

Step 3:  Next pull ends to the front by your tatas.  Tie ends into a knot in front between breasts.  Make sure to tie it tight as you don’t want any embarassing moments (or thrilling, depending on how you look at it!)

When to Wear:
Wear with shorts, flowing culotte or yoga pants, a pareo, or be daring, and wear under your business suit to work as a bandeau top!

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