30 days…35 ways to wear a scarf (Day 6) Halter Papillon Top


I have had a few emails and comments as to why scarves?  I think there is something timeless and classic about scarves.  Not just the long knit ones everyone is wearing to keep warm at winter.  I am talking about the lovely prints, materials and textures of a true fashion piece.  If you look at the fashion trends for this year, all the classic looks from the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s are cropping up.  I personally think it is about time, women exuded more femininity once again.  As many of my friends, customers and yes even vendors will tell you, you almost never see me in pants.  I have two pair of jogging pants I use only when I garden and it is cold out.  When I dive, I throw a skirt on over the suit.  When I go to beach, I have casual skirt wraps and when I go to dinner, I dress!   Look at all the women from famous classic famous movies of the past.  Close your eyes and think….yes they all know how to rock a scarf!  A convertible with Jackie O adorning one as a wrap to keep hair from blowing with a sexy pair of sunglasses!  Or how about Grace Kelly using a hermes scarf as a arm sling!  And Lady Di,  just too many ways to talk about her scarf additions as fashion statement.

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With the cool hippie chic look making its head from beachwear to college casual, the halter top will blend into any wardrobe, depending on the fabric you choose.  Also, if you are going for a little romantic, weekend getaway, this is a fabulous way to add an outfit just in case he asks you to stay another day!

How to create an Papillon scarf halter top:

  1. Place wrong side of a shawl facing up. Tie a knot close to top side, in a couple inches.
  2. Turn the shawl over and bring it up to you. Tie a tight knot behind your neck with two ends close to top side.
  3. Hold the other two ends around your waist and tie a tight knot at your back.
  4. Wear a tub top or a low back halter bra. This will protect you just in case that silk tie gets undone.  Be mindful of sticking any safety pins in a silk scarf…it will leave holes.

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