30 days…35 ways to tie a scarf (Day 4) Square Knot plus a Bias bonus!


Today is a bonus day!  You are getting bias fold and square knot.  Simply because if you do not know how to tie a bias fold, you can’t do a square knot.

8.  Bias Band Fold

Step 1:  Place the scarf on a flat surface with the wrong side up.

Step 2:  Take top right hand corner and fold to the middle (1/4 fold)

Step 3:  Take the bottom left corner and fold up to middle (1/4 fold)

Step 4:  Continue to fold in 1/2 lengthwise until is is desired shape and width.
I featured this little bonus so you knew and understand that you can take any size or shape scarf to get it the width you need for other ties or loops.

Square knots work well with bandanas and scarves. They are perfect, simple, quick and work well with professional and casual attire.



9.  Square Knot

Step 1:  Begin with a bias band folded square scarf, or a narrowly folded oblong scarf.

Step 2:  Grasp the two ends and drape behind around neck so that one end hangs lower than the other.

Step 3:  Cross long end over the short end. Bring it up through the loop created.

Step 4:  Take the same end and wrap around behind short end. Pull long end across and insert horizontally through the knot created, forming a square.

Step 5:  Grasp both ends and pull back behind neck. Tie a double knot.

Step 6:  Adjust so that the square knot is centered directly underneath chin.

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